About Us

Flight Control Waterfowl was created on September 1st 2021. We are 2 best friends that started this brand in league city, a small town in south Texas. We fumbled this idea for a few weeks until we decided let’s make it happen. We started out just doing tons of hats for our family and friends to wear and enjoy. We were very blessed to have many friends supporting us from the start, buying our gear and representing it with a passion. We started out with a ton of support from all around and we are very appreciative for that. We grew up hunting the south Texas coast. We are true believers that hunting is not about the harvest, it is made up of the experience and the humbling lessons you can learn when being in the field.   We wanted to create a brand symbolizing our passion for the sport and the love we have for it. With encouraging the sport for new hunters, there is no better feeling than your first time dropping a duck, after that your hooked. We have spent many hours putting this brand together to have something you guys love to represent and that United people across the great country we live in and all the people who share the same passion we do. To us it’s not all about going out and dropping ducks it’s about going out and enjoying the time outdoors with your group of friends who share the same passion for the sport. Flight Control Waterfowl strives for people to have a good time duck hunting and have apparel that helps you look good doing it! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. 


Thank you, guys.


Tyler and Caleb, Flight Control Waterfowl